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I recently finished the weekend course so 2 days then another 2 days the next weekend….I turned up thinking I’ll give it a go and if it’s not for me, then at least I tried…Dave was exceptional in his teaching and mentoring throughout. He used demos, walking through explanations and being that point of reference whenever I had any doubts or questions throughout our practise. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I entered the course with doubts and left the course after 4 days full of confidence to tackle my own home DIY project. The years of knowledge, mastery and applicable knowledge is massively evident when learning. From the demos to the catchphrases Dave has fine tuned this course to be crystal clear! There’s no grey areas when you leave on the final day, better yet you go away wanting to tackle your own project straight away. Big thank you to Dave for making it such a great learning experience. Very proud of my finished result.
Kamran Hussain   Huddersfield

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Peter Jones Wakefield
Just Finished my 4 days with dave, starting as a complete novice thinking what am I doing here, after 4 days of daves guidance I’m now confident enough to crack on with my own walls with the words still in my head, thick,fast and even, angle and pressure angle and pressure, great 4 days with good lads and a top teacher, and great value for money I would recommend this course for any beginner cheers Dave
Pete Jones   Wakefield
This is a fantastic course that I would highly recommend. Dave is superb, he explains everything very clearly and logically.
With no previous experience of plastering before I started the course, after only four days with Dave, I now feel ready to tackle some big DIY projects at home. During the breaks on the course, Dave was happy to talk through any DIY projects which really helps get the most out of your time on the course.
It was all great fun too, can’t believe how quick the days go. Thanks very much Dave, really glad I booked onto the course.
Andy Ludley  Liverpool
Jason Symonds Oldham
Totally recommend this course. If you are wanting to learn how to plaster then this is definitely the course to go on. I’ve never picked a trowel up in my life or mixed plaster so was a bit apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but with daves Exellent and professional teaching abilities I was actually able to mix,and plaster a wall to a very good standard. Dave explains everything in such great detail you cannot fail to plaster. If you are thinking about doing it then just do it! I can guarantee you will leave there knowing 100% how to plaster. Exellent course and Exellent teacher you will not be disappointed and for the price someone may charge you just to plaster 1 room it’s worth it! Thanks again jay and nigel
Jason Symonds   Oldham
A brilliant way to learn how to plaster. Dave is an excellent teacher.
We did the 4 day, two weekends course and the time flew by. We are amazed at the standard we achieved in such a short time.
No sitting behind a desk with pages of theory, it’s hands on from the first minute!!
Thanks again Dave, the skills learnt will be put to great use
Keith Jones   Sheffield
Shawn Cooper Halifax
I did this course last week, going in to it i didn’t think that it was for me but wanted to give it a go. Dave has a really good setup and is very knowledgeable about the trade and also delivers the course extremely well, he’s a lovely bloke and the course is definitely worth doing. So if your thinking about giving it go it’s a 4 day course, I was very pleased with the out come. Cheer
Shawn Cooper    Halifax
Neil Dickinson Batley
This is an excellent 4 day course, which has been well put together by Dave the Instructor. For any tradesman or DIY Enthusiast who is looking to attempt some plastering work, and does not have the experience or knowledge, look no further. By Day 4 you will walk away with the confidence knowing you have a solid foundation to build on. You will be able to plaster a wall to professional standards and be proud of how far you have come in such little time. Excellent course, no classroom work, just Plaster, Plaster, Plaster.
Neil Dickinson   Batley

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Simon Chown Huddersfield
I am glad I did the course. I enjoyed the 4 days and learned alot. Dave is a professional teacher and he is good at what he does. I will remember all the saying he said over the 4 days. Get it on quick thick & even. Angle and pressure.
Thanks Dave.
Simon Chown    Huddersfield
Does exactly what it says on the tin. The best and most enjoyable course I’ve ever taken. Dave is a great tutor with a vast amount of knowledge gained over his many years of plastering. Would highly recommend to anybody with a view to moving into the plastering business or indeed the average DIY enthusiast.
Thanks Dave
*Feel the Glide*
Shayne Witton   Manchester

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I am very glad that I was able to attend this course. Learning a new profession is a challenge. David is a professional teacher and he is good at what he does each of us on the course had no idea what to do, but after 4 days I know how to start and finish the work. I highly recommend this plastering school
Marcin Kesicki    Dewsbury
took the course as I want to do my own house dave makes everything easy to understand and un complicated brilliant course and brilliant teacher would highly recommend this course thank you dave
Adam Barrett    Barnsley
Julie Beattie Elland
I wanted to do plastering and came across this course. I have learnt loads, wasn’t completely sure that by day 4 I could mix, plaster and finish a bay. but I CAN. In a really mixed group it has been a brilliant learning environment and Dave has all the answers . Cannot wait to get started. All I need is the t-shirt…something to remind me….angle and pressure….
Many Thanks and highly recommended
Julie Beattie    Elland
Mark Bishop Cleckheaton
My husband Mark came on the course (he’s not got Facebook) He said he’s had the best 4 days with great people and he’s been highly singing your praises Dave. He’s learnt so much and can’t wait to try out his new skills. He keeps coming out with all your little sayings such as: thick, quick and even.
He would highly recommend.
Mark Bishop    Cleckheaton
Mark Myers Cleckheaton
So I arrived on the course thinking I have no chance plastering is an art of finesse and at 6ft4″ that’s something I don’t possess. but with Dave’s words still ringing in my ear “angle and pressure, angle and pressure” I managed to get the hang of it. By weekend 2 I was surprised at just how far we had all come.
it’s not about finesse at all it’s a technique and its like riding a bike.
Dave was brilliant and answered all my questions (and by all I mean loads) so thanks Dave and I wish you well in the future.
Mark Myers   Sheffield
Chris Ayrton Dewsbury
Thank you Dave for an amazing course. We all went from nothing to semi pro and all thanks to your tutoring.
Absolutely loved the course and learned so much. What a great 4 days we have had and met some great people.
This is one course I would highly recommend.
Chris Ayrton    Dewsbury
Meg Hudson Barnsley
Fantastic course, how we learnt so much in 4 days is crazy! Feeling very confident in my abilities Cheers Dave! You’re a legend!

Meg Hudson    Barnsley

Emily Blakemore Rochdale
Great 4 day course. Thank you Dave
Emily Blakemore     Barnsley
Stefan Rushworth leeds
Fantasic course would definately recommend to anybody wanting to learn how to plaster. I’m by far a pro but I’m confident to do my own plastering to a high and acceptable level! Dave is a fantastic teacher and full of knowledge!

Ste Rushworth   Leeds

Harvey Rothwell Manchester
Very good teaching! enjoyed every second! i would recommend highly!
Harvey Rothwell     Manchester
Laura Myers Sheffield
Great course & I’m still amazed at how much you can learn in just 4 days. Mark & I can’t wait to get on with plastering the house.
Dave is a fantastic tutor & was more than happy to answer our 4 million questions.
We really couldn’t of asked for a better 4 days or a better group of people to share the experience with.

Laura Myers    Sheffield

Reece Holland Manchester
Absolutely fantastic course. Highly highly recommend to anyone thinking of plastering. My class had people from both DIY and job related intentions and was very welcoming to all.
David, the tutor, is a great teacher and made the course what it is, and made it very enjoyable.
Couldn’t recommend it enough
 Reece Holland   Manchester
David Heaton Huddersfield
Just finished the 4 day course and what a course it was. David is a great tutor with a great teaching ability!! Kept it simple and made sure we all understood what we needed to do. Highly recommend and well done to the rest of the lads who were on the course this week, had a blast!!

David Heaton  Huddersfield

Jay Rawlinson Leeds
Did the course in September.
Just finished my first project and amazed at what I’ve achieved. Im not “handy” at all, but Dave teaches you everything you need to know and helps build confidence!
“Thick, Quick & Even”
Would recommend for anyone at all. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
Jay Rawlinson  Leeds

Josh Smith Stockport
To Anyone considering this course, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Practical learning, David is a great teacher, keeps it simple and with great end results. Can’t wait to start plastering my home.
Thanks again

Josh Smith  Stockport

Harry Nichols Dewsbury
Couldn’t knock the course in the slightest,Dave is so professional and brilliant at what he does, many people would not expect you to learn how to plaster in just four days but Dave makes it happen!top fella/tutor and a outstanding course
Thanks again!!!
Harry Nichols   Huddersfield
absolutely recommended to anyone who’s contemplating giving this ago its an amazing course and dave the instructor is really good a what he does and will have you confident in no time, who would have thought can get top quality plastering in 4 days i was skeptical but its true you can
thanks again for the course its been great.

Martyn Evans   Liverpool

Jack Holt Pontefract
Would definitely recommend this course, amazing what you can learn in 4 days. I now have the knowledge and confidence to plaster all thanks to Dave! cheers
Jack Holt  Pontefract

Sam Benson Wakefield
Completed the course last week with Dave.
First things first everyone finished the course being able to plaster.
Dave is a great teacher and patient.
The course is all hands on practical,very little standing around. no PowerPoint no flannel
Came home Friday started my first wall this weekend.
Really enjoyed the course,the people and learning a new skill.
Thanks Dave.

Sam Benson   Wakefield

Sept 2022  From the starting point of zero ability at plastering, Dave brought all 7 of us on over 4 days, to the point where we were all totally satisfied with our finished plastering on walls and ceilings. We were shown how to prepare, board out and plaster, with lots of tips on patching and different surfaces. We plastered from day one and practiced, practiced, practiced. Thanks Dave, for the energy, experience and hard work you put in to making us plasterers!
Ron Kearney  Wakefield

Ben Flower Sheffield
Sept 2022Dave was a very good teacher and made everything very easy to understand, he gave us plenty of time to plaster ourselves to get experience m.

Ben Flower  Sheffield

Aug 2022 Highly recommend this course. Have gained so much from these weekends and now ready to tackle my own projects. I was an absolute beginner and now have knowledge and confidence. Dave is a fab teacher and talks through everything to make it simple to understand and remember. Thanks very much!
Claire Pietryszyn    Hebden Bridge

Narash Tanday Doncaster
Aug 2022  Dave is brilliant teacher, simplifies everything so that you can understand and pick up the technique within days. There was 4 of us some had bit of diy experience and some none at all and at the end of day 1, we could plaster a wall to a good standard by end of it we like professionals. Highly recommend it.

Narash Tanday   Bradford

June 2022  Highly recommend Amazing course, easy to understand.Dave you are great man
Chudhary Muhammed Bilal   Leeds
Michal Junek Manchester
June 2022 Highly recommend the course.
Dave is a such great teacher and taught me a skill I never thought I would be able to learn.

Michal Junek      Manchester

June 2022  amazing, I didn’t know anything when I started, by the end of the forth day I knew everything. David is a brilliant teacher. u can’t fault him, he knows what his on about. he does have 30 years of experience. what do uexpect.
I will recommend this to anyone. the best £400 you will ever spend ❤️
Khalil Lambat    Bradford
Mike McLellan Manchester
May 2022  Just finished my two weekend course with dave couldn’t recommend him enough a great teacher and a great group of people answered ever question I asked and very helpful I came to the course knowing absolutely nothing I’ve left now feeling very confident to tackle my own diy jobs and considering pursuing a career in plastering once I get a bit my experience under my belt thanks a lot dave

Mike McLellan  Manchester

May 2022  Amazing four days doing the course. Never thought we’d get to where we did at the end. David’s an excellent teacher who explains it to a level where even a none DIY’er like me can pick it up quickly
Ricky Harrison  Castleford
David White Sheffield
May 2022  Absolutely brilliant course and would recommend to anyone who is either changing career or DIY purposes. From day one you are plastering and by day four you have the ability and the confidence to plaster multiple walls with speed. Dave is a great teacher!

David White   Sheffield

Damien Brown Sheffield
April 2022 Highly recommend learn to plaster great teacher teaches you soo much in the 4 days you are there
Damien Brown    Sheffield
James Aston Blackburn
April 2022  You think you cant … Well you can
i would tell anyone that is thinking of giving plastering a go to go here. I had never even attempted to plaster before and now i can do it and to a high standard.. very well instructed course and being in a trade i know for most the best way to learn is to just have a go and do it, learn from where you go wrong and perfect it and that is exactly what happens here . no sit down lessons all practical so giving you the chance to JUST DO IT .
Cant rate this place enough…

James Aston    Blackburn

April 2022  On the first day I was hesitant as I’d never done anything like this prior, Dave was amazing explained everything from step 1 , an amazing course each day learning and progressing with plastering !! And I can say after a great teacher and an amazing course I can actually plaster !!
Thanks Dave and Emma amazing course I highly recommended
Dan Longden    Bolton

Mar 2022  The four day course was incredibly well structured and flowed with ease. Having never completed any planting work at all I now feel confident to tackle any size wall and ceiling and it’s all thanks to Dave’s tuition and style of teaching. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Chris Murray   Doncaster

Matt Ellis Leeds
Mar 2022  After 4 days of plastering it’s incredible how well you can plaster! Dave is a great teacher and good fun to learn from. Well worth the investment, highly recommended!
Matt Ellis   Leeds
Matt Smith Sheffield

Mar 2022  Recently finished a four day course over 2 weekends and can’t recommend it highly enough. Good tuition from Dave and really good structure to the course to build you up from a total novice to a confident DIYer! I have loads of plastering to do in an old Victorian refurb, can’t wait to get stared. Thanks Dave, hopefully be able to send some pics of freshly plastered rooms soon!

Matt Smith    Sheffield

Danny Charlton Oldham
Mar 2022  Awesome! ***5 stars***
Dave has a great style of teaching and getting his point across.
Great structure to the course, I walked away feeling confident and ready to take on some plastering projects. Thanks Dave
Danny Charlton  Oldham
Daryl Cope Wigan

Mar 2022  Highly recommend. 5 stars from me. Nice one Dave!

Daryl Cope    Wigan

Mar 2022  This was a fantastic course which I completed over two weekends.
I extremely enjoyed Dave’s method of teaching and keeping things simple for us beginners. It always helps when the fellow “students” are a great bunch too.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking their first steps into the world of plastering. You’ll be amazed at what Dave teaches you and you’ll finish the course with the knowledge and stills to tackle your own plastering jobs with confidence.
Dave will tell you himself that its not rocket science.
Get booked on folks!
Alystair Miller    Bradford
Damian Whiteley Manchester

Mar 2022  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, I mean anyone who would want to learn to plaster! Dave is such a great teacher and takes all the stress out of how you think a wall/ceiling should be skimmed. I now feel confident enough to tackle the huge walls in my living room. Thanks Dave! p.s I bought a mixer straight after the course yesterday

Damian Whiteley    Manchester

Feb 2022  Get booked in Ladies!
I have wanted to do this course for a very long time and I can not believe I doubted myself and my abilities. Never again will I do that.
Having just completed the weekend course I am on a natural high, buzzing with what I have achieved.
Dave is a top man, down to earth, friendly and his delivery of this course is spot on. He does not over complicate anything, he will happily answer all the questions you have even if you think it might be a silly question.
If you are sat there thinking about doing this course, get booked on. I can not recommend Learn to Plater enough.
Thank you Dave
Zoe Douglas   Huddersfield
Josh Kaufman Leeds
Feb 2022 Great course, gives you all the skills you need to get started. Dave was an excellent teacher. If you are looking to plaster yourself I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough!
Josh Kaufman  Leeds

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Michael Byrne Sheffield
Feb 2022  Fantastic plastering course delivered expertly by Dave. Literally started the course with no idea how to plaster and ending it with the confidence to go away and plaster a full room. Would recommend to anyone wishing to learn this skill.
Michael Byrne   Sheffield
Jordan Ellis Bolton
Feb 2022 Been on the 4 day course this week. And can’t believe what as a group we achieved and me personally. Dave is a excellent professional that you will like from day 1. After day 1 his technique’s are dripped into you and honestly you will go home that night repeatedly saying them. Massive thank you to Dave and I must say this course is definitely recommended. Enjoy the wine Dave and thank you again.
Jordan Ellis    Bolton
Feb 2022  I did the course in nov/Dec 21
David is a fantastic instructor and the course is brilliant any one wanting to learn to plaster for DIY or to do as a trade this is the place to go to David is brilliant and he truly will have you plastering by the end of the course
All round top bloke and a brilliant course to do and I highly recommend it
Barry Hutson    Castleford
Simon Wear Wakefield
Feb 2022 David is a fantastic instructor! Would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn, and I was confident enough to start on my own plastering work at home straight away.
Simon Wears   Wakefield
Zed Mohammed Bradford
Feb 2022  Good course would recommend it to anyone.
Dave makes it easy to understand
Zohayb Mohammed     Bradford
Sean Ritchie Leeds
Jan 2022 5 stars from me, David was a great tutor and was a brilliant group too work with.!!
Sean Ritchie Leeds
Jan 2022  Where to start?! Dave is one of the best tutors I’ve met and the course is fantastic. On day one (& every day if I’m honest) I entered the unit with fear and worry that I wouldn’t be able to do it, I wouldn’t be strong enough, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others… but Dave gave me confidence and his excellent teaching skills showed me that actually despite being tiny I could do it. And I think I did it well! The others on the course were lovely and we had a good laugh over the four days and it was amazing to see the standard of plastering we were all achieving after only a few days. To think on day 4 we plastered a whole bay independently is crazy but we did it! And a lot better than the plasterers I’ve paid for in the past. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone – whatever your age, size, skill… well worth every penny! Thanks so much for a great week x
Becky Richardson   Manchester
Billy Holmes Huddersfield
Jan 2022  Good experience David was a top guy and taught us all well would definitely recommend it’s crazy how fast with his good techniques and methods we picked it up and got pretty good so fast definitely would recommend
Billy Holmes  Huddersfield
Chris Roe
Jan 2022 Dave is great at teaching you how to plaster. Also very genuine and helpful with good laughs along the way. I doubted my own ability but after 4 days I could actually do it. Since then I have bought the tools needed and have been plastering walls at home. Improves the more you plaster. I would definitely recommend the course.
Chris Roe   Barnsley
Toni Gardner Leeds
Dec 2021  Well the beginning of last week I didn’t even know the name of the Trowel, the end of this week I’ve conquered plastering the biggest wall! David is a fantastic teacher! Who would of thought 4 days and I’d be able to plaster!! I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thanks for putting up with all the questions David! You are a .
Toni Gardner  Harrogate
Mick Jones Chesterfield
Dec 2021 Just finished the 4 day course , what a brilliant 4 days , you can learn to plaster in 4 days and in a enjoyable and fun way , Dave is a brilliant tutor and a very nice bloke , this course is well worth doing
Mick Jones    Chesterfield
Wade Sheffield
Nov 2021 Before starting I thought it was going to be almost impossible to learn to plaster in 4 days with no experience. but after day one my confidence grew cos the way Dave taught us,kept it simple with no pressure to help us relax. As the days went on we got better and quicker after finishing today I’ve already got a job plastering tomorrow so thanks Dave I’ll be sure to send you some pics of the work. I’d encourage anyone to complete this course weather it’s to plaster for yourself at home or to become a plasterer.
Wade  Margrim     Sheffield
Cole Oliver Rochdale
Nov 2021  Absolutly outstanding course, Dave the trainer was so friendly and very helpful, day one you think no way can I do this and today I have finished feeling confident enough to take on anything, would highly recommend!
Cole Oliver   Rochdale
Tricia Riley Doncaster
Nov 2021   Hi, we attended a four day course in October this year. My boyfriend booked course without speaking to me first as he thought it would be ‘nice surprise and good to learn to plaster together’ Now I’m 7stone 6lb wet through and definitely not built like a plasterer!
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to even lift the hawk, never mind get some plaster on a wall. But my biggest concern was that I held the class up.
How wrong was I – Dave reassured me as soon as we arrived that I would be able to plaster by the end of the week. So we started course in the same booth together and there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever on me to keep up as everyone in the group helped each other along the way.
Dave is a great instructor who has the knack of being able to teach by both explaining and demonstrating the techniques with loads of practical tips, not only as a group but on an individual basis when required.
So by Thursday afternoon Dave was right, we could plaster, and plaster to a standard that we would be happy to have paid for.
We had a fantastic, fun packed, educational week which passed far too quickly and we were both sad to leave (can we come back!!). We now inspect plastered wall wherever we go – as Dave said we would and T Q & E will live with us forever.
If you have any thoughts about wanting to learn to plaster then please try this course. I promise you will not be disappointed. Dave’s even got some new scrubbing brushes – the old ones didn’t have a bristle between them both.. Thanks Dave, our instructor and now our friend.
Trish and Marty
Patricia Riley    Doncaster
Yvonne Davidson Blackburn
Oct 2021   This course is brilliant! Thanks to Dave’s excellent and patient teaching, with the knowledge I’ve gained, the techniques I’ve mastered and the practical experience I’ve had over 4 days, I can plaster!!! And I’m a 61 year old Granny! Can’t recommend this course highly enough.
Yvonne Davidson    Blackburn
Oct 2021  This course gave me the confidence to take a room to bare brick, plasterboard it then plaster it. I had never done any of these things before. Can’t thank you enough Dave.
Stuart Thomason  Leeds
James Taylor Bradford
Oct 2021  I’ve been tempted to this course for a couple of years but always thought it would be impossible to pick it up over 2 weekends, how wrong I was.
From the moment I arrived Dave put me at ease and I can honestly say is the most patient and helpful teacher you could ever have.
I could not believe I was able to plaster a wall on my first day and I have to say I was impressed with the quality of plastering done by all of us on the course after the last weekend.
You will learn how to plasterboard, tape up, mix plaster and apply it.
I really cannot recommend Dave and his course enough, I’ll be tackling my own jobs as soon as my trowel arrives.
Thanks again Dave for for a great course
James Taylor  Bradford
David Walsh Bradford
Oct 2021  Absolutely brilliant course, I’m a HGV mechanic and never thought I’d be able to plaster, but with David’s help I actually found it easy to do, wish I’d done this course years ago and saved myself a fortune in paying plasterers
Couldn’t ask for a nicer teacher so patient and helpful thanks Dave
David Walsh    Bradford
Sept 2021  Such a great course to attend. Dave is a fantastic teacher and you will be shocked by the progress you can make in just four days. I now have the confidence to take on the plastering in our house, as I recite thick, quick and even in my head and know that the end outcome will be superb! Thank you Dave!
Emma Roberts   Manchester
Nia Phillips Manchester
Sept 2021  Dave runs an excellent course, it was worth traveling 4 hours to. He is so knowledgeable and patient. I didn’t expect to be able to plaster as well as I could by the end of the course, many folk said I wouldn’t be able to learn in 4 days… but I can confidently say I can now plaster and plaster well! My wife and I have a big house reno going on and this will not only save us a fortune but will also give us a real sense of achievement having plastered it ourselves. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain these skills! Thank you Dave!
Nia Phillips    Manchester
Sept 2021  Booked myself on a 4 day weekend course , well worth the money , Dave was brilliant , learnt loads , I’ve already been earning extra cash from jobs
Scott Leatham     Bradford
Steve Thornley Leeds
Sept 2021  Just home from from my fourth day at Learn To Plaster Huddersfield. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thoroughly enjoyed my time over there and Dave is a great teacher. Plastering isn’t the mystical dark art I thought it was, it’s like learning an instrument, technique and practice. I’m certain Gill Spensley will make sure I get alot of practice in over the coming months!
Steve Thornley    Leeds
Abdul Lawal Liverpool
Sept 2021  really in depth 4 days ..100% worth doing ..thanks dave ..
Abdul Lawal
Lucy George Barnsley
Sept 2021  Best decision I’ve ever made doing this course. Dave was amazing and a brilliant teacher. Never thought after 4 days I would be able to plaster myself. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn to do something for themselves. So far I’ve done hallway stairs and landing with plasterboard also and some skimming on old Yorkshire houses wasn’t easy. But with all the skills Dave taught me I have done a good job if I do say so myself .
Thanks again Dave for everything.
Lucy George     Barnsley
Adam Worral Leeds
Sept 2021  I went on this course with no idea of how to plaster to now feeling confident to be able to do rooms in our house. Dave is an excellent teacher, great at explaining and showing you what to do. If you are thinking about whether to do this course – book it! – Adam
Adam Worrall    Leeds
Luke Heffron Pontefract
Sept 2021  Couldn’t recommend this course enough went with zero experience in plastering left feeling confident enough to carry out jobs by myself to a good standard
Luke Heffron    Pontefract
Gavin Johnson Preston
Sept 2021  Very welcoming. Went to the course with no knowledge of the trade. Left today after the end of the course with confidence to do it myself. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn. Fantastic experience and thanks again Dave
Gavin Johston    Preston
Chris Salanki Blackpool
Sept 2021  Great teacher. very patient. would recommend
Chris Salanki   Blackpool
July 2021  Excellent course. I began the week aiming to save a bit of money on those “out of the way” rooms, by day three I was ready to take on the whole house. Thanks Dave for a great week.
Tim Pool   Sheffield
Alice Lovell Manchester
July 2021  Dave is an actual angel, really helped me feel alot more confident in my skills and was extremely knowledgeable about everything, always ready to answer any and all questions. I genuinely could not reccomend this course enough, if you’re on the fence definitely take the plunge.
Alice Lovell    Manchester
July 2021  Fantastic experience at Learn to Plaster, informative and always happy to help with your questions and queries
Gavin Foster     Preston
June 2021  I’ve just completed the 4 day course, and what can I say ? I went in on Monday knowing absolutely nothing and left on Thursday extremely happy with what I learnt and my newly developed skill. Dave is brilliant, teaches the technique in a very simple way that you can’t help but understand, and you get plenty of practice over the rest of the days. so glad I chose Learn to Plaster. Honestly pick Dave to teach you and you can’t go wrong, you will not regret it.
Lucy Nathan     Bury

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June 2021    Great course split out nicely into stages that are easy to get your head around, David the instructor covers everything you need to know and is happy to answer any questions you have, and is a lovely bloke. Couldn’t be happier ! Thick, quick and even always the way.
Jamie Highley   Oldham
June 2021  I won’t lie I looked to do the course about 18 months ago but was sceptical about what you learn in 4 days. I must say it’s great value for money the quality of skimming I was able to do by end of day 4 was better than what I’ve seen people pay for. I’m now confident that I can reskim the walls in my house and who knows where that may lead me to maybe a little side earner of a weekend. Remember thick quick and even…. Angle and pressure! Thanks David all the best for the future.
Ashley Pilling     Leeds
June 2021  if your thinking of giving plastering a go I’d definitely recommend learn to plaster, dave is a brilliant tutor very knowledgeable breaks everything down into steps and stages, as well as tips and tricks thick, quick and even really enjoyed the course. thank you
Wayne Bishop    Sheffield
June 2021  Definitely great set of lads, also had fun while Learn To Plaster definitely recommend this place 5***** rating
Sam Heaton    Sheffield
David Everall Manchester
June 2021  Big thanks to Dave, four day course was brilliant, Dave is spot on when it comes to teaching and filling you with confidence to go away and do it yourself, managed to get my stairs ceiling done on a Saturday night in a few hours!
David Everall    Manchester
I have just completed the midweek 4 day course and I am so happy I went through with booking it. I read online many people saying “you can’t learn to plaster in 4 days”. I can assure you that Dave (tutor) well an truly destroys that myth. I joined the course with zero experience in how to plaster. 4 days later, with the help and expertise of Dave, I have left with the skill and confidence to undertake any plastering work that needs doing. Whether that be re-skimming, plaster boarding, dot n dabbing or fixing holes in the wall, I have learn it all. (So did the other 6 people on my course, we all left with the confidence in our ability to undertake our own jobs)
If you are worried about not picking it up in 4 days or just worried about attending the course for other reasons. I would say dont be worried at all! I guarantee you will leave with having learned a lifelong skill and also saved yourself a few quid in the process. You will just wish you would have done it sooner.
What sets the course apart is Dave, the tutor. He is incredible, really great fella! Not only does Dave teach you how to plaster both theoretically and practically to a high standard, he also creates such a comfortable atmosphere to learn in. I know for some it can feel daunting attending a course alone or out of your comfort zone and that could be a factor why you might not want to book on, but trust me, attend the course and you will see what I mean. It is such a relaxed and comfortable environment to learn in. Dave takes the time explaining each step in a methodical way where you never feel out of your depth. To be honest, It is almost harder not to pick it up in the 4 days with his method of teaching haha! There is no such thing as a silly question or no wanting to rush you through in parts either. You won’t leave the course with a fake confidence in your skill. Each individual will get the time and knowledge you need to get you plastering to a great standard. The other beauty of Dave is you can soak up all his years of experience so you know what you can an can’t do, he gives you great tips and tricks to help cut out alot of potential costly mistakes and pit falls that you could come across. Like I stated above, nothing is too much for him. Dave is a really genuine man who just wants to make people proficient in plastering.
So I will reiterate again, please do book on this course if you are thinking about it. Don’t hesitate an then not go through with it. I am over the moon I went through with booking it and learning how to plaster.
Thank you again, learn to plaster and Dave, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and an even bigger pleasure to learn on your course. Keep up the great work mate, Thanks

Shane Courtney    Leeds

Mohammed Nadeem Oldham
May 2021  The course is amazing for anyone who wants to learn plastering the professional way, I went their with very little knowledge of plastering & just the thought if plastering was like rocket science no clue at all. Since I started the course the tutor has been amazing with all the professional knowledge and expertise passed on to us through the training. I have learnt so much through this plastering course which has boosted my confidence in plastering & I’ve been trained how to complete the job professionally. Dave has been an excellent tutor & thanks to him we have managed to plaster like a professional, it has been an amazing experience & the course was brilliant.
Mohammed Nadeem    Oldham
Baddar Shakoor Bradford
May 2021  Amazing course.Definitely worth the money
David is a top guy.
Highly recommended!!!

Badar Shakoor      Bradford

Jonaid Mohammed Manchester
May 2021  Just arrived home after completing the weekend course. What a great experience. I have literally learnt how to plaster to a VERY GOOD standard in just 4 days. I started as a complete beginner and by the end of the course I was surprised at how much I picked up. From day one I through questions at Dave left right and centre and he answered all of them and made sure I understood. Just like me at first, you’re probably wondering how much would one actually learn in just a few days, is it worth it etc? You won’t know me, but just trust me. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. A fantastic course and a fantastic tutor. I have learnt a new skill thanks to Dave ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
[Jonaid 30/05/2021]
Jonaid Mohammad    Manchester
Shane Pickering Halifax
Did the course this week and I can’t believe how good you can actually get your work looking. I’ve paid alot of money for plastering in the past and there work was no better than mine that I’ve produced this week, It’s a no brainer. A massive thank you to dave aswell, brilliant teacher and has patience of a Saint! True gentleman Cheers!

Shane Pickering   Halifax

Rob Evans Liverpool
May 2012  Brilliant course! Well worth the money. I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks Dave it was great to meet you.
Rob Evans    Liverpool
Hayley Catherine Leeds
May 2012  Me and my Boyfriend James did the 4 day course to help us renovate our own home. I was very nervous about doing the course and it was all new to James and couldnt be further away from his job and comfort area (He has no labouring or any DIY experience at all). Dave was the best teacher. He is very knowledgeable, patient, helpful and most of all friendly and very approachable. Dave made the course and full experience fun and enjoyable and what is most important both me and James have come away learning to plaster and feeling really confident to crack on with our house. I never thought it was possible to learn to plaster in 4 days but it really is. Get it on Thick, Quick and Even and remember the Angle and Pressure … The course is money well spent and we would 100% reccomend and would tell anyone considering to DO IT. Thank you Dave for all your help and support. Top Man . Hayley and James x

Hayley Catherine   Leeds

Liam Staveley Leeds
May 2012  Worth every penny. David is a very approachable, sociable bloke with years of knowledge. To say it was only a four day course, skills were picked up quickly in a very easy going environment. To those looking, 100,000,000,000 recommend.
Thanks David.
Liam Staveley   Leeds
Harry Edwards Liverpool
May 2012  Amazing course, easy to understand, 100% worth it.

Harry Edwards    Liverpool

Peter Finch Haworth
May 2012  This is a brilliant course and certainly one of the best I have done. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from Dave the instructor. This is a must for anyone who is renovating their own home or starting a plastering business.
Peter Finch      Haworth
Jamie Pickering Sheffield
April 2021  Dave is a fantastic instructor. Starts off slow and drills in the basics. Once that foundation is set it’s progression throughout the week.
He gives you the confidence and demistifys the plastering art. 100% recommended.

Jamie Pickering   Sheffield

Tony Metcalfe Brighouse
Apr 2021  Been in the building game a long time. Dave the instructor really knows his stuff. If you want to learn to plaster get booked on this course. Thanks Again Dave.
Tony Metcalfe    Brighhouse
Vladimir Milanov Wakefield
Apr 2021  A great basic plaster course, David is a wonderful teacher, calm and ready to help and share experience. I recommend 100%. And yes, you can learn to plaster in 4 days ! Thanks, Dave

Vladimir Milanov    Wakefield

Apr 2021   Dave is a brilliant teacher. I felt like I could ask him anything and he would answer it in detail and give a good explanation to every question that was asked during the 4 days. I was sceptical at first whether I could actually learn to plaster in 4 days but I definitely did and I now have the confidence to re plaster my house and it will save me an absolute fortune. All for £340. When I consider that to replaster my house would have cost thousands of pounds, it’s an absolute bargain. Honestly this is an amazing course and you’ll be surprised what you can learn in 4 days. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn to plaster quickly.
Matthew Lythgoe      Warrington
Simon Gaster Leeds
Apr 2021   The 4 day course has given me the confidence to get out there and add plastering to the list of services I offer my customers.
I’d certainly recommend this course Dave is a fantastic teacher.

Simon Gaster     Leeds

Rob Wall Doncaster
Mar 2021  awesome course. learn so much in just four days. David is a very relaxed and helpful tutor aswell. attended the 4 day weekend course and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn plastering.
Rob Wall     Doncaster
Matthew Szefer Manchester
Mar 2021  Wasn’t sure how much you could possibly fit in four days but David made sure you made the most of it by sharing his vast knowledge and giving you plenty of time to be hands on. Highly recommend! Cheers David

Matthew Szefer    Manchester

Liam Kelley Leeds
Mar 2021   I did this course last week and I can honestly say how surprised I was with the level I reached within that space of time. Over the moon with with how it went and I feel ready to take on all my own projects now. 10/10 would definitely recommend
Liam Kelley      Leeds
Mark Wall Doncaster
Mar 2021  very good course…very relaxed…great teacher…learnt a lot in four days

Mark Wall     Doncaster

Olly Jones Manchester
Mar 2021   Spent two great weekends learning to plaster with David – highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn a new skill, or have a bit of fun!
Olly Jones    Manchester
Andrew Brame Leeds

Mar 2021   What a fantastic course to take, the amount you learn is unbelievable. Dave is by far the best tutor and nothing is too much for him. If your thinking of learning to plaster, then look no further than learn to plaster. No review I write for Dave @ Learn to plaster would be enough and give him as much credit as he deserves. What a outstanding course and tutor.

Thank you for the pleasure of learning such a good skill.

Andrew Brame        Leeds

Tim Luckit Huddersfield

Mar 2021

– Good value
– Well organised
– Practical and enjoyable
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of plastering, to a level where you have the skills and confidence to do your own jobs to a decent standard.
James Luckit    Huddersfield
James Croot Sheffield
Mar 2021  Brilliant course so much knowledge in 4days highly recommend dave is a great teacher.

James Croot    Sheffield

Mar 2021  Fantastic week learning to plaster with David at “Learn to Plaster”. From walking in on day one as a total newby I walked out 4 days later ready to take on my first wall (and ceiling !) with confidence. This is a hands on course which gets you using the tools and plastering on your own very quickly, great fun with a great instructor… give it a go !
Ryan Flook   Wakefield
Jacob Harrison Dewsbury
Mar 2021 Great course and great teacher! From being a beginner to being able to plaster in 4 days, couldn’t recommended this course enough. Top class!

Jacob Harrison   Dewsbury

Mar 2021  Absolutely loved the course from start to finish – Dave is a great teacher who really knows his stuff. Having been to a number of DIY courses I can honestly recommend this one as the best. Thanks for all your help and encouragement Dave!
Laura Myles    Oldham
Mar 2021  Great course, amazing what you can achieve in 4 days, now off to find some walls to practice on. Thanks so much Dave

Grace Park    Sowerby Bridge

Mar 2021  Brilliant course! Definitely recommend
Jack Stead   Pontefract
Richard Cser
Feb 2021  This course was really good, worth every money. Dave is a good teacher, he gave us lot of advice, he answered all of questions.
Thank you.

Richard Cser   Blackpool

Joseph Mako Blackpool
Feb 2021  Really enjoyed the course and learned loads. Dave was very nice and helpful.
Joseph Mako   Blackpool
Scott Salanki Blackpool
Feb 2021  Dave was amazing at explaining everything. Any questions I had he could answer me and give advice. I’ve learnt a lot and highly recommend to anybody.

Scott Salanki    Blackpool

Feb 2021  Dave is a top bloke who really knows his stuff! It’s amazing how much you can learn in just 4 days with the right knowledge and guidance.
Thanks again Dave, I’ll look forward to sending you photos of future work!
Tim Foster   Leeds
Feb 2021  I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about learning plastering skills. Dave was really patient and approachable. The group we worked with were all amazing.

Farid Bradford     Bradford

Feb 2021  Great course!
Dave is a top bloke and a brilliant teacher.
I didn’t know anything about plastering before taking the course but now know a whole lot more!
Thank you so much Dave for passing on your expertise!
I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn plastering takes up this course.
You will not be disappointed!
Shahid  Suleman       Bradford
Michael Russell
Feb 2021  it’s a great course, it’s amazing to see what you can achieve in just 4 days.
David is a top bloke that answers any questions you throw at him, he really does help you learn the skills needed to get the finish needed

Michael Russell      Bradford

Feb 2021 well worth the money. great atmosphere. brilliant teacher. you will learn everything you need to know in just 4 days master class. thank you
Lee Wells      Preston
Raza Ali Keighley
Feb 2021  Prior to coming on the course, all I heard from plasterer was, what you going to learn in 4 days, its a waste of money. I would love to say they were right, but ABSOLUTELY NOT.. Let me assure you, coming on the course is one of the best things I have done. I have never plastered in my life nor did i know anything about plastering before attending. In the 4 days, ive gone from knowing nothing to becoming confident, having the ability and knowing I can plaster anything that required. Both at home and also as a potential business. By day 4, I was totally independant with no help and support required by Dave ( who was there if anyone needed him)
Dave, the teacher/tutor is brilliant. He has patience, doesnt rush you,lets you work at your own pace and has a wonderful way of teaching. A great bloke with a good sense of humour who makes teaching fun. Not only have I learnt plastering, but ive learnt a skill for life.

Raza Ali     Keighley

Aamar Mahmood Keighley
Feb 2021  Absolutely recommended!!
Prior to this course I have never plastered. This course has taught me what I need to know to crack on with plastering. I will not be ever calling for a plasterer again
Let’s put it this way, I would not allow anyone I know to ever phone for a plasterer
I was able to see my own confidence grow and by the 4th day Dave the tutor didn’t need to visit me as I didn’t really need him as he taught me everything there is to plastering.
100% recommended
Aamar  Mahmood      Keighley
John Hocking Leeds
Dec 2020  I can’t recommend Learn To Plaster enough.
For anyone who thinks they could never plaster, do this course.
I’ve gone from never attempting it before, to feeling confident enough to tackle any plastering tasks, big or small which is all down to Dave’s expertise and teaching methods.
Thanks again Dave.

John Hocking    Leeds

Aaron Rimmer Liverpool
Dec 2020Excellent course! A perfect mixture of practical & theory. The course is great for anybody looking to either become a full-time plasterer or just carry out bits of DIY at home. I’ll definitely be utilising everything I’ve learned on the course & saving myself a few quid in the process! Thanks again Dave
Aaron Rimmer   Leeds
Katherine Goodhew Barnsley
Dec 2020  I’m not in the trade and have never felt confident with DIY so never in my life did I think I could learn to plaster – sort of did the course on a whim because my house needs doing – now I feel completely confident!!!! Thanks so much Dave, fantastic course. Entirely recommend

Katherine Goodhew    Barnsley

Dec 2020   just finished the 4 day course it was brilliant I wish i would have done it years ago. Dave was excellent really knows his stuff, it was relaxed friendly and professional would highly recommend to anybody looking at getting into plastering.
Tom Wibberley       Leeds
Phil Henderson Harrogate
Dec 2020   Just finished the 4day course. all you need to know to get the job done dave was helpfull and made sure we covered all points of the trade i needed to know and more.. the class came highly recommended and i would say the same to anyone looking to start the trade or just your own personal DIY jobs to phone Dave without hesitation… 10/10

Phil Henderson        Harrogate

Dec 2020  The four day course was incredible. We went from a stud wall frame to a fully plasterboarded and plastered section with ceiling and window! All of the fundamentals were covered; how to mix plaster, how to use the tools, how to apply first and second coats and how to give the professional finish. We also learned about “dot and dab” how to fill holes and how to be a productive plasterer. I feel confident to take on projects now! Quick, thick and even… angle and pressure!
Robyn Woodrow       Rotherham
Nov 2020  As an Electrical Business our aim was to be able to offer a more complete service with suitable training.
Learn to Plaster have exceeded our expectations in only 4 days, and we would confidently approach even larger plastering jobs without hesitation.
Dave is a thoroughly nice personable guy, and his experience in both plastering and training is excellent.
Highly recommended.

Martin McGrath      Warrington

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Nov 2020 If anyone is thinking twice or has any doubts about the course… Honestly clear your doubts and wash your minds because, this is one course where in such less time you will pick up tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to actually being able to plaster full walls and ceilings. Dave teaches techniques and gives sincere and proper advice about anything and everything related to plastering. You can ask him a million questions and he will answer and wont mind. On the opposite he actually enjoyed the millions of questions we threw at him. Great teaching skills and a great teacher and im glad i learnt plastering from him.
Cheers Dave
Muhammad Huzaifah
Simon Leigh Manchester
Nov 2020 I don’t usually do recommendations but David at Learn to Plaster definitely deserves one.
If you have ever wanted to give plastering a go this course is a must and worth every penny. I have developed a new skill in only four days!
The course does exactly what it says it will and David is a great teacher who takes you through the process from boarding up, mixing, plastering and finishing, answering any questions and queries along the way.
Thanks again David
All I need now is a wall that needs plastering!!
Also met a great bunch of lads too.

Simon Leigh

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Kevin Doyle Leeds
Nov 2020 Had a great 4 days at Learn to Plaster with a great set of lads!
Dave is a great bloke and a fantastic teacher, his knowledge and advice is second to none and I would suggest what Dave doesn’t know about plastering probably isn’t worth knowing.
The course itself covers every aspect, boarding, preparation, mixing and more, and importantly the techniques needed to plaster well.
I’m amazed by how quickly I progressed from been a complete beginner and the speed and quality I managed to achieve in just 4 days.
I would recommend this course to anybody whether your a complete beginner like myself or somebody already working in a trade, it caters for all.
I take away with me a great new skill and Dave’s famous saying: QUICK, THICK AND EVEN.
Thanks again Dave

Kevin Doyle


Beckie Fowler Bradford
Nov 2020 Amazing! I was nervous as I am a complete novice to anything like this but Dave put my mind at ease. He is so knowledgeable, patient and an excellent teacher. A really great week and I was surprised about what I can now do. 100% recommended x

Beckie Fowler

Nov 2020 The course was exactly as described, across the 4 days we learnt how to plaster.
Dave was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. The course was very hands on from the start and Dave was always on hand to offer advice or encouragement.
He also answered many additional DIY questions in the break times! Can’t recommend this course enough for anyone looking to learn a new skill and save some money in the long run.



Nov 2020 Forget the rest Dave’s the best. Great course over 2 weekend’s. Dave taught me everything I needed to get plastering. Dave is always on hand to steer you in the right direction, give you the confidence you need to crack on and answer any questions you might have. Great course at a great price, Cheers Dave

Jack Griglin

Lee Rayner Sheffield
Nov 2020 excellent course i learnt a lot Dave is a good teacher.

Lee Rayner


Scott Leeming Yorkshire
Nov 2020 Phenomenal place to learn the great art of plastering by a phenomenal teacher had a great time learning with a great group of people! Cheers to Dave

Scott Leeming

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Chris Jagger Castleford

Nov 2020

Brilliant course!
Dave’s a top bloke and the perfect instructor for the course.
Would highly recommend the course, 4 days of learning and laughing all the way through

Chris Jagger


Craig Bales Bradford
Nov 2020  Great course and I’d definitely recommend it!
From start to finish dave was excellent, very informative and knows his stuff. He made the course feel so easy, I was shocked at how quick I picked it up.
I 100% feel confident in being able to do my own work now.

Craig Bales

Shaun Milligan Halifax
Nov 2020 Great bloke, shows you exactly how to do it and if you go wrong he shows you with patience how to correct it, relaxed atmosphere had a fun 4 days learning a new skill! cheers

Shaun Milligan


Mark Salanki Blackpool
Nov 2020  Just finished my 4 day course with Dave and must say I’m shocked at how much you can learn in 4 days. Dave is very thorough and is an excellent teacher. If you want to learn to plaster don’t go anywhere else. Thanks Dave

Mark Salanki

David Brook Huddersfield
Oct 2020  Went to Dave knowing nothing about plastering and left with knowledge, confidence and the ability to plaster to a respectable level.
Excellent teacher and a very well organised 4 day course. Well worth the money!
Cheers Dave!

David Brook


Mathew Haynes Rotherham
Oct 2020 learnt more in 4 days on this course than I did in the last 6 months of labouring for a plasterer, could not recommend more.

Mathew Haynes

Joe Bell Sheffield
Oct 2020 Dave the teacher/tutor is unbelievably helpful, teaches everything you need to know about plastering, he’ll not just say this is how you do it and leave you to get on with it, he’ll come round to make sure your work is up to standard and if it’s not he’ll help you show you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right too. It’s an enjoyable course not just like a work course.

Joe Bell


Dale Callaghan Chesterfield
Oct 2020  5 star teacher. just what I needed to boost my confidence with the trowel. Dave helped me with a list of problems I was unsure about when plastering onsite. thanks again Dave top bloke.

Dale Callaghan

Alex todd Leeds
Oct 2020  I wasnt convinved you could learn to plaster in 4 days, turns out you can. Brilliant and well lead 4 day course and im going to save well over the monry for the course doing the work i need doing around my own house, plus ive got a skill for life thank you Dave.

Alex Tod


Terri Jade Huddersfield
Oct 2020  Absolutely loved the last 4 days, Dave is the most efficient teacher I’ve come across, he made it so easy to learn! Gutted it ended!

Terri Jade

Dan Braggington Blackpool
Oct 2020  Just completed a 4 day course with learning to plaster. Unbelievable value for money.
Course started with a straight forward introduction and were able to get hands on straight away boarding up. One thing that certainly helps is your slapping on plaster frequently and mixing. A nice touch was after each mix and plaster we were tidying up. This helped keep the area and tools clean which can only be a good thing going forward.
We progressed into more bigger jobs though the week but teaching and plastering was done at a comfortable rate.
In terms of Dave the instructor you couldn’t ask to meet a more friendly and helpful bloke. Everyday lads were asking different questions asking for advice and he was able to help every time. The amount of knowledge the group gained from him answering a variety of questions was brilliant and helped give you more confidence and understanding.
In terms of the group it was a cracking set of lads all with different backgrounds in diy. Couldn’t have asked for more friendly down to earth set of lads

Daniel James


Bilal Ahmed Halifax
Oct 2020  I had a great time learning plastering….I had never done it before, great instructor highly recommended

Bilal Ahmed

Steve Rhodes Doncaster
Oct 2020  Top class instructor (Dave) top class course, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in 4 days, Thanks Dave

Simon Rhodes


Waheed Nawaz Preston
Oct 2020 Absolutely amazing course of you’re thinking of booking it I wouldn’t think twice!! The course flys by and the help and experience Dave has is remarkable. What you learn in just 4 days is surprising and what Dave teaches in just 4 days is well worth it. Just want to say thanks Dave for all your help!

Waheed Nawaz

Gary Molloy Sheffield
Sept 2020  very good course it is amazing how much you can learn in 4 days its was a good experience and a good set of lads I enjoyed every minute I would highly recomend 100% worth the money and I would like to thank Dave for the great training and experience

Gazza Molloy


Clair Shaw Huddersfield
Sept 2020  Awesome week! Dave is a legend fast thick and even and pressure and angle words won’t leave my head!
Can’t believe how much I’ve learnt in 4 days, defo recommend this course to any one you don’t need any diy knowledge as it’s all explained and instructed perfectly

Clair Elson Shaw

Andrew Stennett Heckmondwike
Sept 2020 Great time learning to plaster from scratch. Dave is a good teacher and was a well structured course – I definitely recommend

Andrew Stennett


Barry Rayson Bradford

Sept 2020  Just done 2 weekends on this fantastic course with a good set of lads and a top instructor Dave who talked us through everything you need to know about plastering plus tips to make it that bit easier for yourselves don’t hesitate go for it you won’t look back

Barry Rayson

Colin Morrow Bradford
Sept 2020  Absolutely brilliant course from start to finish, Dave was a brilliant teacher and a pleasure to learn from, went from a beginner to a confident plasterer in the space of 4 days, loved every minute, cheers Dave

Colin Morrow


Dean Broadhurst Leeds

Sept 2020  Enjoyed from start to finish. Dave is a brilliant teacher and I’m confident of tackling any job now! Would definitely recommend

Dean Broadhurst

Jason Quarmby Batley

Sept 2020  really enjoyed the course we’ll worth the money

Jason Quarmby


Cam Bennett York

Aug 2020  Enjoyed the week met some good lads highly recommend. Big thanks to David massive help

Cam Bennett

Aug 2020  Perfect for beginners! David was spot on at teaching me how to plaster. I entered with lack of confidence however i have completed the course and left with confidence. I was meant to go for the 4 day course however i booked on last minute and only made it for the 3 days. I thought i would have missed out on some of David’s teaching however i still caught up and got it done! Recommend this for anyone wanting to learn the trade from Diy around the home or to take to a professional level. Thank You David

Rayhaan Ali


Vicky Taylor Bradford

Aug 2020  Absolutely fantastic who would have thought you could go from no skills to a good plasterer in 4 days

Vicky Taylor

Ben Mitchell Manchester

Aug 2020  Done the course with David this week and was well worth it with the level of confidence I’ve left with. Left confident on day one which was the broken on day two when he changed the technique and took me out my comfort zone. However by the end I left with the confidence to take on plastering within my job knowing I’ve the know how now thanks to this course. Definitely recommend this course to anyone. Everything at ease and a true skill to learn. Cheers guys

Ben Mitchell

Paul Roberts Kirkburton

Aug 2020  well you always hear about sofa to 5k well how about sofa to learn to plaster in two weekends. Absolute brilliant course with all the best advice that Dave gives you makes for a four day course that teaches to very high standards. And you will have fun and meet some like minded great people . So thanks again Dave fantastic four days

Paul Roberts

James Torkington Bolton

Aug 2020  What a great couple of weekends learning to plaster. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to learn to plaster to such a high level in just 4 days. Having never done anything like this before I was a bit nervous but David is a great teacher and has given me a huge amount of confidence to tackle all the jobs that I have coming up in my house. If you want to learn to plaster this is definitely the place to do it !!!! 10/10

James Torkington

James Ioannou Harrogate

Aug 2020 Amazing experience , I’m shocked at how much I’ve learnt in only 4 days .
Definitely would recommend to any one , even if it’s only to do your own home .

James Forrester-Ioannou

Lee Rumley Brighouse

July 2020  You will be amazed how good you can get just in 4 days. If you are thinking of doing this course then go for it! It’s a great course and Dave is a great guy. You will learn lot and have fun along the way. The worst thing about it was it was all over too soon as I was really enjoying the time there. Cheers Dave.

Lee Rumley

Paul Bresnahan Dewsbury

July 2020  Back from a fantastic week at Learn to Plaster. Anyone thinking of doing a plastering course then this is the course to book. Dave is genuinely one of the nicest fellas i’ve ever met who is an expert in all things plastering. He’s there to answer any questions and has bags of knowledge. I think the words ‘thick’ ‘quick’ and ‘even’ will be stuck with me for life. And as bonus you will even get to learn how to butter the perfect slice of toast. Cheers Dave and all the best

Paul Breza

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July 2020… Great course, great teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

Lydia Wrightson

July 2020 Absolutely brilliant course! David really has the patience of a saint! Started the course thinking I would never be able to plaster a wall. Now I feel with practice , i I could do a whole room… top to bottom! Thank you so much David.

Laura Moxstick

July 2020…Best 4 day training course Excellent training Dave was great ,his knowledge and tips where spot on would defo recommend the course.

Neil Jackson

July 2020…Best in the game! Dave’s a great guy and brilliant teacher.

Will Hampshire

plastering courses castleford

Juy 2020…Thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course. David is a brilliant teacher who obviously knows his stuff, very informative throughout. I was sceptical at first, all you hear from people is that it takes years to learn. however this course gives you such a good level of knowledge, you are then able to move forward and develop your skills at home or in the workplace. I went on the course to learn a new skill to use at home to renovate my house, I can certainly say this was money well spent. thanks again David.

Andi Davies

mark bailey Bradford

July 2020…Completed 4 day course and thanks to Dave who is an excellent tutor I feel confident to tackle my own and other jobs ,brilliant course.

Mark Bailey

Mariusz Chrząstek Pontefract

June 2020…Completed a weekend course , absolutely brilliant, I learnt a lot. Big thanks to David for his help. Highly recommend!
Mariusz Chrząstek

bob Lawrence Leeds

July 2020…Completed 4 day course and thanks to Dave who is an excellent tutor I feel confident to tackle my own and other jobs ,brilliant course.

Bob Lawrence

Joseph Hamby Bradford

Mar 2020…Brilliant course! Dave was so helpful and helped build my confidence! Would certainly recommend!

Joseph Hamby

Andy Lee Bradford

Feb 2020…If you want to learn to plaster, do it with Dave!! I am one of the most sceptical people you could ever meet. Learn to plaster in 4 days he says!! Not a chance I say!! How WRONG i am. I have just completed the 4 day course, never having seen an 11 inch Marshalltown in my life. The whole course is delivered at the right level as you progress through the 4 days. Plastering every day with as little or much guidance as you need.
I am now 100% confident that I have the knowledge and skill to plaster a room to a standard that I would pay someone else to do. That is all thanks to Dave, the owner and tutor, who has been involved in plastering for many years. Dave also provides after course support in case you have any further questions or advice.
Top bloke, top course, value for money -absolutely. Book a course, you will not be disappointed!!
Andy Lee

Steve Buckley Oldham

Feb 2020…Brilliant course never thought I could plaster now I can.

Stephen Buckley

Mike Kane Huddersfield

Feb 2020…Awesome 4 day course! Dave is a great teacher and his experience really does show! Now to start plastering my house.

Mike Kane

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Stuart Holdsworth Huddersfield

Feb 2020…Highly recommend. Dave the trainer was a great character and went through all aspects of plastering. All my questions where answered. Fun experience and I built my skills and confidence a lot quicker than I thought I would. I cannot wait to commence the plastering in my house. Thanks.

Stuart Holdsworth

Simon Field Bradford

Feb 2020…Enjoyed a great 4 days learning a new skill with Dave, His explanations and tips were brilliant for an absolute beginner and after finishing his course I feel totally confident in tackling some plastering around the house, Pictures definitely to follow.

Simon Field

Tyran Taylor Rochdale

Feb 2020…Brilliant course and even better teacher. You can genuinely learn to plaster to a high level in 4 days. Couldn’t recommend this course enough. Thanks Dave.

Tyran Taylor

Leigh Feaviour

Feb 2020…Had a fantastic week learning to plaster with david and the lads, gone from a complete novice to been able to plaster in only 4 days….

Leigh Feaviour

Paul Jordan Doncaster

Feb 2020…I was on the 4 day course; thoroughly enjoyed it and me and the other 5 lads were really impressed with the results we achieved under Dave’s guidance. He explained and demonstrated good techniques and also mistakes we were likely to make and the reasons why.
He also provided info about different tools and types of mortar as well as tips about making the best use of your time and mortar when plastering.
I’d strongly recommend this course.

Paul Jordan

James Gill Stockport

Jan 2020…Great coach (Dave)
Top course with a great bunch of now top plasterers!
I would tackle any job now at my own pace!

James Gill

Steven Donnelly Sheffied

Jan 2020…Just Completed the 4 days with Dave today going from not being able to put it on a trowl to doing big walls and ceilings just in 4 days. If anyone doubts you won’t be able to plaster you won’t be saying that after this course.

Steven Donnelly

David Winder York

Jan 2020…Highly recommend! Having absolutely no experience, Dave’s course is a great foundation and demonstrates that you are better than you think!

David Winder

Steve Barber Manchester

Jan 2020…It’s a brilliant 4 day course. I’ve learnt a lot and I feel dave is an amazing tutor he really shows the skills needed and takes his time to explain. I would totally recommend the course best money I’ve spent.

Steven Barber

Jan 2020..A truly brilliant course! Dave is a great teacher who will get you plastering with confidence very quickly. People told me it couldn’t be done. We’ll it CAN and HAS!! Don’t hesitate to take this course and gain a skill for life.

Anthony Peirson
Hebden Bridge

chris lea Barnsley

Dec 2019…Absolutely amazing 4 days, Dave is a legend and taught me a new skill at bargain prices. Now time to practice. Definitely recommend this place.

Chris Lea

Ryan Walker leeds

Dec 2019…very enjoyable course, Dave is a great tutor. It really is amazing what you learn in the 4 days.

Ryan Walker

Andy Jackson Barnsley

Nov 2019…fantastic couple of weekends at learn to plaster, dave was fantastic full of knowledge and experience. really feel confident I can now go out and provide a quality service. Highly recommend.

Andrew Jackson

Oct 2019…Totally recommend this course. Despite reading all the fabulous success stories on here I was dubious that I would be able to do it, I thought I’d be the odd one who couldn’t master it. BUT I COULD! If you want to learn to plaster you WILL on this course with Dave and have bags of fun along the way too. Excellent value for money. (Oh and the girls out numbered the boys on our course)

Chris Harps

Richard Jickels Stockport

Sept 2019…Fantastic 4 day course. Came in as an idiot and left as an idiot that could plaster. Dave is a great teacher and shows everything so simply and makes it easy to follow. I came in hoping to learn how to tidy the walls up in my house to a decent standard and left feeling like a professional plasterer that could tackle anything. 10/10

Richard Jickells

sandra ellis

Aug 2019…Without any prior experience, I learned what I needed (and much more) to do the plastering in my home, in only 4 days. Dave is a good teacher and also gave us plenty of time for questions. Very enjoyable and 4 days flew by.

Sandra Ellis

Beck Wilkinson Rochdale

Aug 2019…Dave outstanding teacher with different ways to help people learn, fun and simple.

Beck Wilkinson

Dave Bowers Preston

Aug 2019…From no experience to having the confidence in 4 days , I didn’t really believe it but yes you can learn to plaster in 4 days cheers Dave.

Dave Bowers

Leanne Charles Preston

Aug 2019…I’ve had a fantastic 4 days! Dave is a great teacher, he encouraged me every step of the way and it has paid off, you can learn to plaster in a short space of time! Worked with a great team this week, Thanks Dave, so much.

Leanne Charles

July 2109…would recommend to anyone. good course and good teacher.

Scott Lowe

June 2019…Not only is Dave an excellent Plasterer but he is also a fantastic teacher and a really nice guy. I travelled almost 200 mile round trip to be on his course and it was so worth it! I’ve now walked away feeling confident to tackle plastering jobs in my home which is what I wanted to achieve!

Phil Amristead

Liz Sunley Huddersfield

May 2019…Warning: this plastering course could change your life…. if anyone tells you that you can’t learn to plaster in four days, they are totally wrong. I learnt to plaster and met some great people. Dave is a great teacher, really patient and good at explaining the necessary techniques, he will even give you some top tips for buttering your toast!

Liz Sunley

May 2019…The transformation is amazing in just four days, I now tell people that ‘I can plaster’.
Dave is an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint. I highly recommend this to anyone, not just keen DIYers or professionals, everyone.

Richard Tyas

Mark Leigh Halifax

Apr 2019…Started the week off without a clue, by the end I was plastering walls and ceilings. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to plaster

Mark Leigh

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Apr 2019…This was quite simply brilliant! I still can’t believe that I turned up on day one absolutely clueless and left perfectly confident that I can plaster. The four days just flew by! It’s friendly, relaxed, thorough, effective and most of all great fun. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone and everyone, from aspiring tradesmen to those who just love to learn a new skill. Give it a go and surprise yourself!

Jen Wolstenholme

Jucelyn Lodge Holmfirth

Mar 2019..Such an amazing course. Lovely instructor who gives you the skills and confidence, along with a laugh – couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Dave.

Jocelyn Lodge

Matt Jones Doncaster

Mar 2019..fantastic course,laidback atmosphere with a wealth of knowledge.Thankyou David.Time to get my house straightened out!

Matt Jones

Blair Finlayson Stockport

Mar 2019..fantastic course,laidback atmosphere with a wealth of knowledge.Thankyou David.Time to get my house straightened out!

Blair Finlayson

Ryan Farmer Manchester

Feb 2019..Cannot recommend Dave enough! Had a brilliant 4 days learning to plaster. Was debating whether it was even possible to learn in 4 days on the drive down on Monday but it 100% is. If you want to learn then Dave is the man, friendly, welcoming and full of knowledge. Gone from knowing pretty much nothing to being able to plaster to a standard I am over the moon with.

Thanks again Dave

Ryan Farmer

Feb 2019..4 days of fun, getting dirty and no nonsense plastering. I’ve learnt a new skill and I would never have thought the end finish would be that good. Dave’s a great teacher and all round nice guy. Can’t wait to take on my own home with confidence.

Akbar Mufti

Matt Preston Wetherby

Jan 2019…I’d thoroughly recommend this course for anyone considering home renovations or just a bit of DIY. Dave goes through it all from start to finish and you’ll be amazed at the level you’ll be able to achieve very quickly.

Matthew Preston

Becca Wilson Leeds

Dec 2018..Just finished the four day course over two weekends and had an amazing time!.
It’s such a fantastic course and it’s surprising what you can learn in four days, thick quick and even I will be saying it in my sleep!.
The course itself is structured but flexible if you are a complete beginner like me. Nothing was too much for Dave. By day four I mastered the ceiling which before the course I was adamant I’d never be able to!!!
Money well spent and I would highly recommend learn to plaster!!!
Thank you for been so patient Dave!!!!

Becca McGuire Wilson

Matthew Warren Oldham

Amazing what you can learn in 4 days! Dave is a fantastic instructor (and I’ve known quite a few) who know his subject inside out. He’s also clearly refined the course over a number of years to get the pace and content exactly right. I leave feeling confident that I can now achieve at least the same standard I’ve previously paid others for. Give it a go.

Matthew Warren

Cezary Kozdoj Wigan

Nov 2018..it was the best school choice for learning, the teacher would take care of the work you are doing, and it gives you more time to find a job, I would like to recommend this place, I will love this 4-day course.

Cezary Kozdoj

Bilal Khan Halifax

Oct 2018…What A Course!! Was In Two Minds To Even Attend The Course But Thank God I Did. Learnt So Much About Plastering In The 4 Days – Plus Actually Had Fun While Learning It All; Anyone Looking Into This Course Let Me Tell You – You Will Enjoy It And Learn To Plaster. Thank You Dave.

Bilal Khan

Lorna Hargreaves Huddersfield

Aug 2018…This is an absolutely amazing course and if I can do it anyone can! Dave is an amazing teacher tells you exactly what you need to know and how to correct any mistakes you make, being 5’1 I was very sceptical of actually being able to plaster and after 4days on this course I can now say that I can! I was absolutely gutted that this course finished so quickly as I had an excellent time and even though my travel time was long, I would do it all over again! Thank you so much for your help Dave I will definitely be recommending this to everyone.

Lorna Hargreaves

tracey ackroyd Castleford

July 2018…Only on day 2 absolutely loving it, didn’t know anything now want my own tools, I’m a yoga teacher where did that come from, so therapeutic built a wall with a window, plastered a wall and a ceiling wow.

Tracey Ackroyd

simon alker Leeds

July 2018…This is simply a great course. You start it and you can’t plaster. You finish it and you can. It’s that simple. I’m not the most handy of men and so to be able to plaster is great. Dave is a great teacher and knows his stuff. He passes all of his knowledge on to you, ask anything you like, no matter how daft it seems and you will get a knowledgable and clear answer. I really can’t recommend it enough. I now know all about thick, quick and even. I know when to walk away. I also have a shiny trowel, which I am strangely proud of. Rather handily I also learnt a great tip for buttering toast with cold butter.

Simon Alker

Zaheer Riaz Beverley

June 2018…Thought I’d do this course for a bit of DIY at home but was not expecting to be able to plaster at the standard that I came out with.

Dave is a great teacher and fills you with confidence as you go. His tips and tricks that he knows from the industry are a huge plus.

I did my first bedroom at home (including ceiling) this weekend and can say that I would pay for someone to do it at that standard.

Thanks learn to plaster…

Zahir Riaz