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  • June 2019...Massive thanks to Dave for the course. Really enjoyed it and it was run in a relaxed...Read more

    Darren Bell... Barnsley

    Worth every penny!In 4 days I learned so much
  • June 2019..Ive just spent 4 days learning to plaster from no experience. I am now going to tackle...Read more

    James Fletcher.....Oldham

    I am now going to tackle my whole house
  • May 2019...Warning: this plastering course could change your life.... if anyone tells you that you...Read more

    Liz Sunley ....Huddersfield

    Warning: this plastering course could change your life
  • May 2019...The transformation is amazing in just four days, I now tell people that ‘I can...Read more

    Richard Tyas.....Pontefract

    I now tell people that ‘I can plaster’.
  • May 2019...Excellent course. Went from not having a clue to getting it on thick, quick and even!!!...Read more

    Victoria McLaughlin... Castleford

    The whole set up is spot on
  • May 2019...Just completed the course over 2 weekends and can highly recommend. The training is top...Read more

    Lee Welch...Doncaster

    by the end of it you will know how to plaster
  • May 2019...Great teaching methods and professionalism, hands on from the very beginning. Hard work...Read more

    Sergio Fusi-Rubiano ... Rotherham

    Hard work but great fun.
  • May 2019...What a great Course !! David makes it fun and has vast knowledge in the subject. Would...Read more

    Dan Mattison...Blackburn

    David makes it fun
  • May 2019...Brilliant course, I'm useless at anything requiring coordination or DIY skills yet Dave...Read more

    Jeff Walker...Burnley

    It was great fun too.
  • Apr 2019...Started the week off without a clue, by the end I was plastering walls and ceilings. I...Read more

    Mark Leigh...Halifax

    by the end I was plastering walls and ceilings.
  • Apr 2019...Had a great time on the 4 day course. Amazed by the results I’m getting after such a...Read more

    Chris Woodhead... Wakefield

    Definitely recommend booking on!
  • Apr 2019...Great course, enjoyed every minute. Course structured so by day 4 you have the...Read more

    Wayne Andrews... Bradford

    lots of great tips/tricks given
  • Apr 2019...One of the best courses you could go on! I read all the reviews and everyone kept saying...Read more

    Carl Fielding...Manchester

    I can now plaster to a high level
  • Apr 2019...This was quite simply brilliant! I still can’t believe that I turned up on day one...Read more

    Jen Wolstenholme....Huddersfield

    Give it a go and surprise yourself!
  • Mar 2019..Such an amazing course. Lovely instructor who gives you the skills and confidence, along...Read more

    Jocelyn Lodge.....Holmfirth

    Such an amazing course.
  • Mar 2019..fantastic course,laidback atmosphere with a wealth of knowledge.Thankyou David.Time to...Read more

    Matt Jones.....Doncaster

    Time to get my house straightened out!
  • Mar 2019...It's just like everyone says, it's a great course, you can't plaster to start with and...Read more

    Yvonne Clegg.....Bradford

    you can't plaster to start with and then you can
  • Mar 2019...This is a great course, need to plaster a room in your house? Or want too start a...Read more

    Troy Jackson.....Huddersfield

    Wish I was going back tomorrow
  • Mar 2019..Just completed a 4 day course and feel like I've gone from zero to hero! David gave us...Read more

    Rob Allen..... Leeds

    I've gone from zero to hero!
  • Mar 2019...I have just enjoyed a fab week. I have learned everything from mixing the plaster, to...Read more

    Maria Chandler.... Huddersfield

    I can only recommend it for the skills you learn
  • Mar 2019...i enjoyed the course all the way. great instructer. they teach you very thoroughly. i...Read more

    Alan Salih.....Manchester

    100 percent recommend it
  • Mar 2019...Dave is a brilliant teacher and also gives advice the course was really enjoyable...Read more

    Blair Finlayson.....Stockport

    Highly recommend the course
  • Mar 2019..I had been looking for a plastering course for a few months and after reading into the...Read more

    Tyler Lofthouse.....Leyburn

    drove 80 miles to the course every day and must say it was definitely worth it
  • Mar 2019..Fantastic teacher who's also great fun. Best course I've ever taken. Well recommended.

    Tim Morley.....Bradford

    Best course I've ever taken.
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