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  • Dec 2019...Thank you for a really fun 4 days, I really enjoyed the course and surprised myself by...Read more

    Matthew Keen.....Halifax

    surprised myself by how well I was able to plaster
  • Nov 2019...Brilliantly taught course. It’s amazing how much you can learn about plastering in 4...Read more

    Grant Riley.....Huddersfield

    It’s amazing how much you can learn about plastering in 4 days!
  • Nov 2019...Brilliant course, led by a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. Would highly...Read more

    Kevin Whalen.....Barnsley

    patient and knowledgeable instructor
  • Nov 2019...fantastic couple of weekends at learn to plaster, dave was fantastic full of knowledge...Read more

    Andrew Jackson.....Manchester

    really feel confident
  • All these reviews are lifted directly from genuine reviews on our Facebook page @learntoplaster


  • Oct 2019...Totally recommend this course. Despite reading all the fabulous success stories on here...Read more

    Chris Harps.....Wakefield

    If you want to learn to plaster you WILL on this course
  • Sept 2019...Great experience 😃 Met a top set of lads along the way🤠.... Dave is a...Read more

    Michael Young.....Leeds

    The course is well worth the money
  • Sept 2019...Dave was a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, who made us all feel welcome, and...Read more

    Sean Wilkinson.....Huddersfield

    Thoroughly enjoyed it
  • Sept 2019...Great course, if you want to learn to Plaster - Dave is the man. Get it on fast, thick...Read more

    Yordan Chalakov.....Manchester

    Dave is the man.
  • Sept 2019...I really didn't believe you could learn to plaster in 4 days but you absolutely...Read more

    Chris Barton.....Bradford

    you could learn to plaster in 4 days
  • Sept 2019..I've just done the four day course. I turned up on day one unable to plaster. went home...Read more

    Derek Ashcroft.....Halifax

    I don't know how he does it, but it definitely works.
  • Sept 2019...fantastic place to learn plastering couldn't regiment enough Dave makes it so simple it...Read more

    Lee Findlay.....Leeds

    Dave makes it so simple it becomes effortless
  • Sept 2019...Fantastic 4 day course. Came in as an idiot and left as an idiot that could plaster....Read more

    Richard Jickells.....Stockport

    left feeling like a professional plasterer
  • Aug 2019...What an experience, Dave is a brilliant teacher. From a person which has never picked a...Read more

    Craig Sidlow.....Keighley

    I’m even booking my 16 year old son on it.
  • Aug 2019...Without any prior experience, I learned what I needed (and much more) to do the...Read more

    Sandra Ellis.....York

    Very enjoyable and 4 days flew by.
  • Aug 2019...its a great course you learn everything you need to plaster , then its practice and...Read more

    Martin Butterfield... Preston

    Dave is a great teacher
  • Aug 2019...learning to plaster was something I've wanted to do for a while, Dave is a great teacher...Read more

    Josh Kennedy...Leeds

    amazing what you can achieve in 4 days.
  • Aug 2019...Dave outstanding teacher with different ways to help people learn, fun and simple

    Becky Wilkinson...Rochdale

    fun and simple
  • Aug 2019...From no experience to having the confidence in 4 days , I didn't really believe it but...Read more

    Dave Bowers...Preston

    yes you can learn to plaster in 4 days
  • Aug 2019...I've had a fantastic 4 days! Dave is a great teacher, he encouraged me every step of the...Read more

    Leanne Charles...Preston

    you can learn to plaster in a short space of time!
  • A very good course. Amazing how much you learn, in such a short period. Dave is a great guy to...Read more

    Gio D'alessandro... Manchester

    Dave is a great guy to learn from
  • July 2109...would recommend to anyone. good course and good teacher.

    Scott Lowe...Wakefield

    good course and good teacher.
  • The best way to spend a couple of weekends is on this course.... I did not believe for one minute...Read more

    John Helmsley...Barnsley

    Thank you Dave for fun but precise lessons.
  • June 2019...Not only is Dave an excellent Plasterer but he is also a fantastic teacher and a really...Read more

    Phil Armistead...Middlesborough

    I travelled almost 200 mile round trip to be on his course
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