Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from recent graduates of our plastering courses. We have hundreds more testimonials dating back over the 12 years we’ve been teaching people to plaster. Old or young, experienced trades person or complete novice, we’ve taught people just like you!

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July 2020… Great course, great teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

Lydia Wrightson

July 2020 Absolutely brilliant course! David really has the patience of a saint! Started the course thinking I would never be able to plaster a wall. Now I feel with practice , i I could do a whole room… top to bottom! Thank you so much David.

Laura Moxstick

July 2020…Best 4 day training course Excellent training Dave was great ,his knowledge and tips where spot on would defo recommend the course.

Neil Jackson

July 2020…Best in the game! Dave’s a great guy and brilliant teacher.

Will Hampshire

plastering courses castleford

Juy 2020…Thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course. David is a brilliant teacher who obviously knows his stuff, very informative throughout. I was sceptical at first, all you hear from people is that it takes years to learn. however this course gives you such a good level of knowledge, you are then able to move forward and develop your skills at home or in the workplace. I went on the course to learn a new skill to use at home to renovate my house, I can certainly say this was money well spent. thanks again David.

Andi Davies

mark bailey Bradford

July 2020…Completed 4 day course and thanks to Dave who is an excellent tutor I feel confident to tackle my own and other jobs ,brilliant course.

Mark Bailey

jackie Thorburn Barnsley

July 2020…brilliant course. would definitely recommend this course. learnt alot from dave our tutor. feel confident to do more plastering jobs.

Jackie Thorburn

Brad Thomas Manchester

July 2020…Completed 4 day course and thanks to Dave who is an excellent tutor I feel confident to tackle my own and other jobs, brilliant course.

Brad Thomas

Mariusz Chrząstek Pontefract

June 2020…Completed a weekend course , absolutely brilliant, I learnt a lot. Big thanks to David for his help. Highly recommend!
Mariusz Chrząstek

bob Lawrence Leeds

July 2020…Completed 4 day course and thanks to Dave who is an excellent tutor I feel confident to tackle my own and other jobs ,brilliant course.

Bob Lawrence

Joseph Hamby Bradford

Mar 2020…Brilliant course! Dave was so helpful and helped build my confidence! Would certainly recommend!

Joseph Hamby

Andy Lee Bradford

Feb 2020…If you want to learn to plaster, do it with Dave!! I am one of the most sceptical people you could ever meet. Learn to plaster in 4 days he says!! Not a chance I say!! How WRONG i am. I have just completed the 4 day course, never having seen an 11 inch Marshalltown in my life. The whole course is delivered at the right level as you progress through the 4 days. Plastering every day with as little or much guidance as you need.
I am now 100% confident that I have the knowledge and skill to plaster a room to a standard that I would pay someone else to do. That is all thanks to Dave, the owner and tutor, who has been involved in plastering for many years. Dave also provides after course support in case you have any further questions or advice.
Top bloke, top course, value for money -absolutely. Book a course, you will not be disappointed!!
Andy Lee

Steve Buckley Oldham

Feb 2020…Brilliant course never thought I could plaster now I can.

Stephen Buckley

Mike Kane Huddersfield

Feb 2020…Awesome 4 day course! Dave is a great teacher and his experience really does show! Now to start plastering my house.

Mike Kane

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Stuart Holdsworth Huddersfield

Feb 2020…Highly recommend. Dave the trainer was a great character and went through all aspects of plastering. All my questions where answered. Fun experience and I built my skills and confidence a lot quicker than I thought I would. I cannot wait to commence the plastering in my house. Thanks.

Stuart Holdsworth

Simon Field Bradford

Feb 2020…Enjoyed a great 4 days learning a new skill with Dave, His explanations and tips were brilliant for an absolute beginner and after finishing his course I feel totally confident in tackling some plastering around the house, Pictures definitely to follow.

Simon Field

Tyran Taylor Rochdale

Feb 2020…Brilliant course and even better teacher. You can genuinely learn to plaster to a high level in 4 days. Couldn’t recommend this course enough. Thanks Dave.

Tyran Taylor

Leigh Feaviour

Feb 2020…Had a fantastic week learning to plaster with david and the lads, gone from a complete novice to been able to plaster in only 4 days….

Leigh Feaviour

Paul Jordan Doncaster

Feb 2020…I was on the 4 day course; thoroughly enjoyed it and me and the other 5 lads were really impressed with the results we achieved under Dave’s guidance. He explained and demonstrated good techniques and also mistakes we were likely to make and the reasons why.
He also provided info about different tools and types of mortar as well as tips about making the best use of your time and mortar when plastering.
I’d strongly recommend this course.

Paul Jordan

James Gill Stockport

Jan 2020…Great coach (Dave)
Top course with a great bunch of now top plasterers!
I would tackle any job now at my own pace!

James Gill

Steven Donnelly Sheffied

Jan 2020…Just Completed the 4 days with Dave today going from not being able to put it on a trowl to doing big walls and ceilings just in 4 days. If anyone doubts you won’t be able to plaster you won’t be saying that after this course.

Steven Donnelly

Jan 2020…Highly recommend! Having absolutely no experience, Dave’s course is a great foundation and demonstrates that you are better than you think!

David Winder

Jan 2020…It’s a brilliant 4 day course. I’ve learnt a lot and I feel dave is an amazing tutor he really shows the skills needed and takes his time to explain. I would totally recommend the course best money I’ve spent.

Steven Barber

Jan 2020..A truly brilliant course! Dave is a great teacher who will get you plastering with confidence very quickly. People told me it couldn’t be done. We’ll it CAN and HAS!! Don’t hesitate to take this course and gain a skill for life.

Anthony Peirson
Hebden Bridge

Dec 2019…Absolutely amazing 4 days, Dave is a legend and taught me a new skill at bargain prices. Now time to practice. Definitely recommend this place.

Chris Lea

Dec 2019…very enjoyable course, Dave is a great tutor. It really is amazing what you learn in the 4 days.

Ryan Walker

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Nov 2019…fantastic couple of weekends at learn to plaster, dave was fantastic full of knowledge and experience. really feel confident I can now go out and provide a quality service. Highly recommend.

Andrew Jackson

Oct 2019…Totally recommend this course. Despite reading all the fabulous success stories on here I was dubious that I would be able to do it, I thought I’d be the odd one who couldn’t master it. BUT I COULD! If you want to learn to plaster you WILL on this course with Dave and have bags of fun along the way too. Excellent value for money. (Oh and the girls out numbered the boys on our course)

Chris Harps

Richard Jickels Stockport

Sept 2019…Fantastic 4 day course. Came in as an idiot and left as an idiot that could plaster. Dave is a great teacher and shows everything so simply and makes it easy to follow. I came in hoping to learn how to tidy the walls up in my house to a decent standard and left feeling like a professional plasterer that could tackle anything. 10/10

Richard Jickells

sandra ellis

Aug 2019…Without any prior experience, I learned what I needed (and much more) to do the plastering in my home, in only 4 days. Dave is a good teacher and also gave us plenty of time for questions. Very enjoyable and 4 days flew by.

Sandra Ellis

Aug 2019…Dave outstanding teacher with different ways to help people learn, fun and simple.

Beck Wilkinson

Aug 2019…From no experience to having the confidence in 4 days , I didn’t really believe it but yes you can learn to plaster in 4 days cheers Dave.

Dave Bowers

Aug 2019…I’ve had a fantastic 4 days! Dave is a great teacher, he encouraged me every step of the way and it has paid off, you can learn to plaster in a short space of time! Worked with a great team this week, Thanks Dave, so much.

Leanne Charles

July 2109…would recommend to anyone. good course and good teacher.

Scott Lowe

June 2019…Not only is Dave an excellent Plasterer but he is also a fantastic teacher and a really nice guy. I travelled almost 200 mile round trip to be on his course and it was so worth it! I’ve now walked away feeling confident to tackle plastering jobs in my home which is what I wanted to achieve!

Phil Amristead

May 2019…Warning: this plastering course could change your life…. if anyone tells you that you can’t learn to plaster in four days, they are totally wrong. I learnt to plaster and met some great people. Dave is a great teacher, really patient and good at explaining the necessary techniques, he will even give you some top tips for buttering your toast!

Liz Sunley

May 2019…The transformation is amazing in just four days, I now tell people that ‘I can plaster’.
Dave is an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint. I highly recommend this to anyone, not just keen DIYers or professionals, everyone.

Richard Tyas

Apr 2019…Started the week off without a clue, by the end I was plastering walls and ceilings. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to plaster

Mark Leigh

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Apr 2019…This was quite simply brilliant! I still can’t believe that I turned up on day one absolutely clueless and left perfectly confident that I can plaster. The four days just flew by! It’s friendly, relaxed, thorough, effective and most of all great fun. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone and everyone, from aspiring tradesmen to those who just love to learn a new skill. Give it a go and surprise yourself!

Jen Wolstenholme

Mar 2019..Such an amazing course. Lovely instructor who gives you the skills and confidence, along with a laugh – couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Dave.

Jocelyn Lodge

Mar 2019..fantastic course,laidback atmosphere with a wealth of knowledge.Thankyou David.Time to get my house straightened out!

Matt Jones

Mar 2019..fantastic course,laidback atmosphere with a wealth of knowledge.Thankyou David.Time to get my house straightened out!

Blair Finlayson

Feb 2019..Cannot recommend Dave enough! Had a brilliant 4 days learning to plaster. Was debating whether it was even possible to learn in 4 days on the drive down on Monday but it 100% is. If you want to learn then Dave is the man, friendly, welcoming and full of knowledge. Gone from knowing pretty much nothing to being able to plaster to a standard I am over the moon with.

Thanks again Dave

Ryan Farmer

Feb 2019..4 days of fun, getting dirty and no nonsense plastering. I’ve learnt a new skill and I would never have thought the end finish would be that good. Dave’s a great teacher and all round nice guy. Can’t wait to take on my own home with confidence.

Akbar Mufti

Jan 2019…I’d thoroughly recommend this course for anyone considering home renovations or just a bit of DIY. Dave goes through it all from start to finish and you’ll be amazed at the level you’ll be able to achieve very quickly.

Matthew Preston

Dec 2018..Just finished the four day course over two weekends and had an amazing time!.
It’s such a fantastic course and it’s surprising what you can learn in four days, thick quick and even I will be saying it in my sleep!.
The course itself is structured but flexible if you are a complete beginner like me. Nothing was too much for Dave. By day four I mastered the ceiling which before the course I was adamant I’d never be able to!!!
Money well spent and I would highly recommend learn to plaster!!!
Thank you for been so patient Dave!!!!

Becca McGuire Wilson

Amazing what you can learn in 4 days! Dave is a fantastic instructor (and I’ve known quite a few) who know his subject inside out. He’s also clearly refined the course over a number of years to get the pace and content exactly right. I leave feeling confident that I can now achieve at least the same standard I’ve previously paid others for. Give it a go.

Matthew Warren

Nov 2018..it was the best school choice for learning, the teacher would take care of the work you are doing, and it gives you more time to find a job, I would like to recommend this place, I will love this 4-day course.

Cezary Kozdoj

Oct 2018…What A Course!! Was In Two Minds To Even Attend The Course But Thank God I Did. Learnt So Much About Plastering In The 4 Days – Plus Actually Had Fun While Learning It All; Anyone Looking Into This Course Let Me Tell You – You Will Enjoy It And Learn To Plaster. Thank You Dave.

Bilal Khan

Aug 2018…This is an absolutely amazing course and if I can do it anyone can! Dave is an amazing teacher tells you exactly what you need to know and how to correct any mistakes you make, being 5’1 I was very sceptical of actually being able to plaster and after 4days on this course I can now say that I can! I was absolutely gutted that this course finished so quickly as I had an excellent time and even though my travel time was long, I would do it all over again! Thank you so much for your help Dave I will definitely be recommending this to everyone.

Lorna Hargreaves

July 2018…Only on day 2 absolutely loving it, didn’t know anything now want my own tools, I’m a yoga teacher where did that come from, so therapeutic built a wall with a window, plastered a wall and a ceiling wow.

Tracey Ackroyd

July 2018…This is simply a great course. You start it and you can’t plaster. You finish it and you can. It’s that simple. I’m not the most handy of men and so to be able to plaster is great. Dave is a great teacher and knows his stuff. He passes all of his knowledge on to you, ask anything you like, no matter how daft it seems and you will get a knowledgable and clear answer. I really can’t recommend it enough. I now know all about thick, quick and even. I know when to walk away. I also have a shiny trowel, which I am strangely proud of. Rather handily I also learnt a great tip for buttering toast with cold butter.

Simon Alker

June 2018…Thought I’d do this course for a bit of DIY at home but was not expecting to be able to plaster at the standard that I came out with.

Dave is a great teacher and fills you with confidence as you go. His tips and tricks that he knows from the industry are a huge plus.

I did my first bedroom at home (including ceiling) this weekend and can say that I would pay for someone to do it at that standard.

Thanks learn to plaster…

Zahir Riaz

June 2018…Excellent course. He even put up with us without crying once.

Howard Walton