Learn to Plaster

4 Day Course

4 day learn to plaster course only £299
4 day learn to plaster course only £299

What does a 4 Day Learn to Plaster course consist of?

This is by far the most popular course designed to cover all aspects of a plastering job. It’s all about learning technique and stages. There’s no paperwork, there are no classrooms, no exams; it’s plastering, plastering and more plastering.

On this course we also cover boarding up, it only takes a small portion of the time but is very important as it allows you to learn plastering on both existing walls and new board.

The course also covers:

  • Learning about tools and materials.
  • Mixing plaster to a perfect consistency.
  • Plastering walls and ceilings to a smooth finish.
  • Re-plastering existing walls and ceilings.
  • Plastering large areas.
  • Plastering up to and into windows.
  • Repairs and invisible patching.
  • Feathering in (blending wet into dry plaster)
  • Measuring up.
  • Cutting and fixing plasterboard to ceilings, walls, windows and corners.
  • Attaching angle bead, taping and jointing.
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the course.
 This is a course outline and although we cover lots of other things, our experienced trainer will be able to help you with any aspects that might be specific to your personal circumstances.
To book a course today, take advantage of our online store .  The course costs £299 and we look forward to seeing you.